Life skills is our goal, gymnastics is our tool. Established 1984.

COVID-19 Update: We have been very busy with improvements to the gym during our closure (huge thanks to GU Staff & Celebrity Cheer Unlimited!) and cannot wait to share them with you! Check out our COVID-19 page for more information.

May-June: Renovations, cleaning, & organizing happening to improve our space for everyone, including, but not limited to:

  • NEW GROW Preschool area, with 16×16′ spring floor, designated bathroom, full set of bars plus junior bar, beams, and more!
  • NEW carpet-bonded foam on the main floor, and larger than a standard gymnastics floor (full cheer mat)!
  • NEW additional 50×8′ tumbling spring floor between vault & beam! More floor!
  • IMPROVED beam area with dismount space for all beams!
  • STREAMLINED bar area!
  • CLEAN & FRESH PAINT throughout!
  • & more!

June 22: Team started practicing
July 6: Classes are happening!
NEW Online registration will be available June 29 on the Classes page.

During the closure, some of our team girls share their thoughts about GU:

Why gymnastics?