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We offer the following classes for boys & girls:
Parent/Guardian participation
Sprout (ages 1 1/2-3)
Independent participation
Seedling (ages 3-4)
Sapling (ages 4-5)
Kindergreen (ages 5-6)
Recreational Suns (ages 6-7), Moons (ages 8-9), and Orions (ages 10-12)
Middle School Galaxies (ages 11-14)
High School Galaxies (ages 14-18)
Special Training Group Omegas (ages 5-7), Velas (ages 8-9), & Lunas (ages 10-12)
Private Lessons (ages 5-18)
Competitive Team, J.O. & Xcel, invitation only, please contact
the appropriate director for more information.

Fall Class Schedule 2018.pdf

Gymnastics Unlimited Class Policies Fall 2018.pdf

Starting in October 2018, we are expanding our GROW with G.U. program, and adjusting our Recreational Classes to better suit the needs of families. Be sure to check with the office to find the best class for your child!
Check out the page for more information GROW with G.U.