Competitive Team

Competitive team at Gymnastics Unlimited offers more than just great gymnastics and the competitive experience. We strive to teach and develop with each athlete: self-esteem, motivation, discipline, dedication, determination, work ethic, time management, team work, team spirit, leadership, sportsmanship, respect for danger, respect for others, problem solving skills, poise, and grace. A learning attitude helps our athletes see learning and challenge as purpose and fun, and it is here that they will train to master the skills that will take them where dreams come true, on the competition floor and in life.
Coach Melissa
Women’s DP & Xcel Program Director & Team Coach


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Special Training Groups

Begin here! For the gymnast wanting more gymnastics, more strength training and dreams of being on the competitive gymnastics team.

USAG Developmental Program


For the gymnast that dreams of competing, traveling, and representing Gymnastics Unlimited. The DP group is for those who want to compete, have fun, and develop high level gymnastics.

USAG Xcel Program


For the gymnast who wants to continue to grow in gymnastics and compete, while also participating in other sports and activities. Less time and financial commitment, minimal traveling.